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HOT end inspection system

Right after forming, our hot end system performs a complete dimensional head measurement of every product with immediate feedback to the operator

HOT end Inspection Features

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Direct Operator Feedback
Changes in the forming process are immediately visible to the operator, allowing for quick reaction times to misconfigurations and fine tuning
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Stabilize Production Process
Removing out-of-tolerance products at the beginning of the forming process reduces mechanical and handling complications
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Retrofit Possibility
The system can be easily integrated into new or existing machines
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Independant of Machine Speed
The system uses the mechanical handling of the existing machine, therefore is not a bottleneck in the quality control process
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Comprehensive Data Collection
Tightly integrated with the cloud to provide site-wide analytics on all systems, including machine down time tracking
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Adherence to Industry Standards
Dimensional checks adhere to DIN & ISO industry standards, with production quality reports available in Central
Configured geometry checks for a rolled glass product, including Eccentricity, Shoulder Height, Opening Diameter, and Diameter Head

simplify machine setup

The hot end inspection system makes machine setup easier by:

  • Saving the operator time by eliminating manual inspection
  • Aids in training of machine operators by providing immediate feedback of machine adjustments and the forming process
  • Ensure that products are in spec and ready for further handling and adjustments
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