Isotronic provides industrial image processing software for Quality Assurance of pharmaceutical glass vials in production. Our high quality and proven products are the result of 30 years of experience in the industry and customers all around the globe.

We deliver an integrated solution consisting of industrial hardware and in-house developed image processing software.

Dimensional Checks

Our software is capable of more than 50 different dimensional checks for threaded and non threaded vials per minute, pipette tips and other pharmaceutical vials according to customer need.

Cosmetic Checks

Cosmetic checks are an important quality criterion in the pharmaceutical industry. Isotronic can intregrate them as part of geometric inspection or as a separate system for more challenging tasks.

Surfaces that can be inspected for cosmetic defects :
  • Base
  • Body
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Head
  • Bore

Easily Customizable

An easy-to-use interface allows customers to quickly change views, dimensional and cosmetic checks and tolerances and navigate through the software

Exceptional Customer Service

Worldwide remote support, quick resolution of problems, first response to issues guaranteed within 24 hours, direct contact to Software Engineers, maintenance visits on demand

High Accuracy and Speed

Accuracies up to 1/1000mm for dimensional checks and 1/100mm for cosmetic checks. Subpixel-based algorithms increase stability of measurements. Speeds up to >100 vials measured per min are possible.

Hardware Included

In addition to software, Isotronic provides an industrial PC in a control cabinet with industrial cameras, lenses, illumination, and mechanical sensors, and sets up all equipment at your factory prior to use

Integrated Database

All production data can be stored in a SQL-compatible database. Customers also have full access to the raw data for further analysis

Quality Reports

Measurement systems for a whole production facility can be centrally monitored through an web-based portal. Production certificates showing compliance with quality requirements can also be viewed and printed

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