Isotronic provides industrial image processing solutions for quality assurance of pharmaceutical glass vials in production. Our high quality and proven products are the result of 30 years of experience in the industry and customers all around the globe.

Our customers value our proven products. While we can provide standard solutions that fit most usecases we are happy to get in touch and discuss your particular requirement.

Image Processing Solutions

We deliver an integrated solution consisting of hard- and software. This usually consists of an industrial PC in a control cabinet with industrial cameras, lenses, illumination, and mechanical sensors including in-house developed image processing software.

DC Measurements

Our VialChecker software performs real time evaluation of vials in production. It is highly configurable to adapt certain production process needs.

Dimensional Checks

Geometry checks are the basis for QA in production process. We provide checks for threaded and/or injections vials, bottom and bottom base checks as well as customer specific requirements like pipette tip measurements.

Our software is capable of checking a variety of more than 50 dimensional measures.

Cosmetic Checks

The demand for cosmetic inspection rises especially in pharmaceutical industry but starts to be an important quality criterion in similar industries like lab suppliers as well. Isotronic provides cosmetic inspection capabilities either as integrated part of geometric inspection (for simple tasks) or as separate system for more challenging tasks.

We provide surface inspection for bottom, body, shoulder, neck, head and opening including classification of defects.


Depending on the optics used accuracies of 1/1000mm for dimensional checks and 1/100 for cosmetic checks is possible. We use subpixel-based algorithms for increased stability.


Depending on handling speeds > 100pc/min are possible


Production certificates and productions insight are crucial for proving compliance to quality requirements. Measurement systems for the whole production facility can be monitored in a centralized fashion, as well as viewing and printing of production certificates.


All production data for a production facility can be stored in a SQL-compatible database. Our software uses this DB for evaluation and production insight. We also provide full access to the raw data for further analysis and/or integration by the customer.