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COLD end inspection system

Our flagship product provides complete inline quality control inspection of surface and dimensional defects on your factory floor

COLD end Inspection Features

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Accurate Inspection
Telecentric lenses provide no image distortion and require less calibration, cameras and maintenance for dimensional control
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Adherence To Industry Standards
Dimensional checks adhere to DIN & ISO industry standards, with production quality reports available in Central
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Complete Quality Control
Dimensional checks and surface detection can be done on one system, reducing complexity and simplifying operations
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Flexible Installation
Our cold end system mounts anywhere along the conveyor line after the forming machine, with dimensional inspection typically before and surface detection typically after the annealing oven
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Comprehensive Installation
All required system equipment, including hardware and software is provided and is installed by us on site
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Scaling Possibilities
While one measurement station fits the needs of most customers, our system can be scaled for customers with particular or high demands.
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SURface Detection and classification

Surface detection can be performed on the head, neck, shoulder, body and bottom of each product. Rejection is classification based. The emerging data allows for quality assurance improvements by discovering what type of defect occurs most often at each location on every product.

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bottom Wall inspection

Ensure that a product has a well formed bottom by adding a Confocal Inspection System with the following features:

  • Bottom Thickness Measurement to verify proper product strength
  • Bottom Concavity for product stability on level surfaces
  • Dimensional Control with seamless integration into VialChecker
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