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CRIS - CLEAN Room INspection system

An ideal retrofit solution to existing machines when cold end inspection is needed after the annealing oven but not possible due to machine sizing constraints

Clean Room Inspection Features

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All-in-one Solution
We provide all necessary soft- and hardware for inspection
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Full Fledged Detection
CRIS can perform surface defect detection and classification as well as dimensional checks
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Custom Easy-To-Use Interface
Custom machine interfacing UI allows for component interaction, integration into existing Isotronic systems, monitoring and simple recipe creation and adjustment
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Comprehensive Logging & Security
CRIS incorporates activity tracking, tiered users, encrypted recipes to reduce tampering and data manipulation
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Focus On Usability
CRIS's mechanics are designed so that changing the format, or recipe geometry is quick and simple. The UI is designed around simplicity for ease-of-use by operators
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Retrofit Focus
CRIS integrates seamlessly with existing lines and can be customized for specific needs, such as adding additional cameras
Configured geometry checks for a rolled glass product, including Eccentricity, Shoulder Height, Opening Diameter, and Diameter Head

USE CASE - OFFLIne inspection

CRIS can also be used as an expansion to an existing system or as a stand alone unit that can conduct batch and offline inspection for multiple machines.

This is useful when for quality assurance already packaged products need to be rechecked and repacked.

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