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More than just the basics

In addition to detecting cosmetic defects and geometric defects in your formed glass products, Isotronic offers products and services that let you focus more on production and worry less about your quality control system. We offer:

  • VialChecker - the software and hardware you interact with on the production floor that conducts all geometric and cosmetic defects

  • VialHandler - the mechanical pick-and-place handling system that moves products to and from the production line in front of cameras for inspection

  • Isotronic Central - the cloud based user portal that allows you to centrally view statistics for all production lines in your factory, manage orders, produce printouts and more

wide range of products inspected

VialChecker can inspect anything made from rolled glass including empty and filled products.
Geometries we regularly inspect include:
Vial wireframe image
Threaded and flanged
Syringes wireframe image
And pipettes
Ampoule wireframe image
Filled and unfilled
Custom geometry wireframe image
Custom Geometries
Including atypical shapes
hardware and software setup with camera, vial and monitor

Complete end-to-end solution

We offer everything needed to produce products that meet customer requirements
Isotronic Central
Centralized overview
Isotronic Central provides an overview of your operations and allows you to identify where your system can improve
Complete checks
VialChecker conducts over 50 dimensional checks and classifies cosmetic defects to determine production weakpoints
Mechanical Handling
VialHandler moves products from the production line in front of our cameras and is designed specifically for the industry
User experience
VialChecker runs on a large HD touchscreen with an easy-to-use UI, making for smoother operations and a reduction of training times
Continuous updates
Our software is regularly updated, ensuring that you are up to date on the latest industry developments
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A trusted name in tubular glass quality control

Isotronic is a trusted name, with 30 years of industry experience and over 500 systems supplied over 5 continents

Words from our customers

"Isotronic has been a true partner to our company, and for the last 30 years has provided inspection systems for all our production machines. We have seen this company grow into the market innovator that stands for quality, reliability and cutting-edge software and hardware development."
Florian Müller-Stauch
CEO, Müller+Müller
"Thanks to the user-friendly system, we can set up and understand our machines better than before. The direct and competent support helps us quickly even in difficult cases. Thanks to the flexible approach, we were able to retrofit even complex systems easily."
Sören Bochanek
Tech Lead, RoFra
"We are very pleased with Isotronic and their VialChecker. Our operators appreciate the easy-to-use user interface. The system provides accurate measurements that reduce our scraps and helps us know our customers are getting good product. Their service is fast, friendly and helpful. I would recommend Isotronic."
Ed Poisker
Tech Lead, Worldwide Glass
"We have upgraded existing lines to the VialChecker system and were impressed how smooth the process was. After a short period of time we had the system running and configured to our complex setup. The Isotronic team understands our requirements well and provides quick and thorough resolutions."
Steffen Meinel
CEO, Thüringer Pharmaglas

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