Isotronic GmbH (tm) provides industrial image processing solutions for quality assurance of pharmaceutical glass vials in production. Our high quality and proven products are the result of 30 years of experience in the industry and customers all around the globe.

Our customers value our proven products. While we can provide standard solutions that fit most usecases we are happy to get in touch and discuss your particular requirement.

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We are not just providers, but your partners in innovation!



Beispielbild Example Systems Isotronic provides just what our costumers need from Basic to High End Systems.

Beispielbild Software VialChecker comes with flexible design and configurations. It includes lists for measurements and classifications for cosmetical checks.

Vial Portal shows Statistics and Analytics for Production of Machine Park

Beispielbild Hardware Isotronic provides a wide range of products to make system complete.

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If this is you first contact with image processing based QA we can help explaining how this feature may help your production. If you already use image processing based QA we may find a solution that helps supporting your process better. We provide support per

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