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Vialhandler— mechanical handling made for faster production

VialHandler is a pick-and-place product handling solution that maximizes throughput while minimizing complexity

Feature rich mechanical solution

Our mechanical handling is not a retrofit solution. It is tailored and designed specifically for the industry, allowing for:
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High Speeds
Faster production speeds and processing times. VialHandler can process up to 120 vials/min
Fewer cameras and moving parts
Fewer moving parts and cameras compared to competitors in the market, reducing maintenance costs, repairs and complexity
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Delicate handling
Measurement station components handle each vial during the inspection process while reducing breakage
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Seamless integration
Integrates seamlessly with VialChecker and Isotronic Central
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Quick product changes
A system that evolves with you. Once mechanical handling has been set up, only small adjustments need to be made for production changes
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Flexibility and accuracy
A secure system that automatically makes small adjustments to ensure complete accuracy for geometric and cosmetic measurements
three adjustment sliders
Our system has the capability to configure the cameras and lighting for each quality check
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Can be extended with contact-free sensors to measure glass-bottom thickness and depth of the product profile
factory production line with vials being checked by isotronic's software
measurement station integrated seamlessly with mechanical handling and vialchecker

Industry-tailored equipment for an intuitive quality control process

Our equipment follows our belief that complex systems don't need to be complicated to navigate. The elegance of our quality control equipment is balanced by our simple design and easy integration with our software and measurement station. Our mechanical handling is durable, compact and easy to maintain.
isotronic's mechanical handling moving vial from production line in front of camera for measurement

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Products analyzed with our glass quality control solution

Threaded or injection vials
Filled or empty ampoules
Pipettes and syringes
Custom geometries per customer specification