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Dimensional and cosmetic checks on vials are necessary steps in your production process. Learn more below about about how Isotronic's products help achieve your company's & customer's quality standards.
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A complete vial quality inspection

When it comes to tubular glass production for the pharmaceutical industry, high standards are put in place to ensure that products are capable of performing specific, critical functions.

Vials play an important role in pharmaceutical packaging. If contamination, cosmetic or geometric defects compromise your production, they can have a decisive impact on the integrity of the vials you produce.
To eliminate defects in your products, hit consistent quality control standards, and meet customer requirements, you need a comprehensive vial quality control solution.

close up of base of vial with diagonal crack

A comprehensive quality control test

Your vial check must inspect each vial for cosmetic and geometric defects that include:
  • Cracks and scratches on the surface and fractures that break the vial
  • Contamination and excessive handling
  • Out-of-tolerance geometries
  • Glass particles, airline defects and dirt that contaminate your vial
Help diagnose and improve quality control in your production facility by supporting your production process with a comprehensive vial quality control solution
vial in front of a lens
flanged head vial with defect on flange opening

Isotronic's End-to-End Solution

Vials are responsible for carrying products that could—directly or indirectly—save a life.

This responsibility must be taken on by your production processes. Fortunately, producing standardized vials is supported by our complete quality control solution , which integrates geometric and cosmetic checks into one software alongside the necessary hardware and services you need to make this part of your manufacturing process.
Our geometric checks are accurate within a margin of 0.01mm while our cosmetic checks can flag defects as small as 0.1mm².

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Products analyzed with our glass quality control solution

Threaded or injection vials
Filled or empty ampoules
Pipettes and syringes
Custom geometries per customer specification