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Syringes & Pipettes

Quality control is necessary to ensure that pipettes & syringes are within the customer's specified tolerances. Leverage Isotronic's solution today.
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Today's need for a reliable quality control system

Syringes and pipettes are critical supplies in the pharmaceutical industry and a critical area of your work

The way in which each product is produced, handled, packed and distributed must be monitored closely to eliminate any possibility of contamination or damage. It's also critical to ensure that each syringe produced adheres to customer specifications

That's why you need an end-to-end quality control solution in your production facility to ensure the integrity of each product

vial bottom with defect

Comprehensive quality control

Your quality control will need to account for any number of cosmetic and geometric defects, including:
  • Scratches, fractures or cracks
  • Contamination that can impact sterility
  • Out of spec geometries
  • Air bubbles and glass particles
Isotronic's quality control solution will reduce waste and help you mitigate production problems from your manufacturing process
vials being produced in a factory setting
syringe on production line being checked by isotronic's camera and software

Isotronic's end-to-end quality control solution

Our quality control software and hardware solution integrates both dimension checks and cosmetic checks, as well as a user portal to help you monitor your production while maximizing throughput and minimizing waste.

We combine easy-to use software, cutting edge hardware and support services—a complete solution designed for the industry

Steps to get started

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Products analyzed with our glass quality control solution

Threaded or injection vials
Filled or empty ampoules
Custom geometries per customer specification