wireframe of vial with a custom geometry

Custom Geometries

Put your custom tubular glass geometries through a thorough cosmetic and geometric check with Isotronic's full quality control solution. Contact us to learn more today.
four custom vials on a table

Geometric checks for custom geometries

If you are producing custom tubular glass producs with atypical geometries, there might be geometric measurements that are not standard with products offered by competitors.

Our system allows for over 50 different dimensional checks for standard and non-standard products.

close up of vial bottom with contamination defect

Comprehensive custom geometry testing

Your quality control system must check for a variety of defects in your tubular glass products, including:
  • Contamination in the form of black spots, dots and poor handling
  • Airline defects and air bubbles
  • Cracks, fractures, and scratches
  • Inaccurate dimensions affecting product usage in later stages
Our quality control end-to-end solution supports over 50 different geometric checks and cosmetic checks among a range of other features to help you maximize throughput while reducing wastage
three small custom vials on a table
vial in front of a camera

Isotronic redefining quality control processes in the pharma industry

Here at Isotronic, we provide you with a thorough solution that accounts for different quality standards and offer cloud based solutions to monitor and improve production monitoring an efficiency.

Whether you produce syringes, vials, ampoules or custom rolled glass products, our solution gives you the assurance you need to maintain your high-quality standards

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Products analyzed with our glass quality control solution

Threaded or injection vials
Filled or empty ampoules
Pipettes and syringes
Custom geometries per customer specification