close up of vial with geometric defects

Geometric defect detection

Thorough geometric testing is the basis for high quality standards in the pharmaceutical glass industry.

A measurement for every use case

Isotronic has been in the pharmaceutical glass industry for over 30 years. In this time, our software has continually improved, offering great flexibility in meeting customers' needs. Some features of VialChecker's geometry checks include:
circle with double sided arrow inside
More than 50 dimensional checks
Both for standard and non-standard tubular glass products
High accuracy
Checks with sub-pixel measurements up to 0.1mm² accuracy
Standardized measurements
Measurements according to ISO 15378 & GMP
piece of paper
Detailed system logging
Easily track system processes through extensive logging
gear and calendar
Tool wear monitoring and alerting
Know when it's time to replace tools in your production line before they affect production
Spaceship flying upright in the clouds
High speeds
Glass products can be analyzed at speed up to 120 vials per minute
glass tube with defect at base

Modern solutions for modern problems

In addition to our software, VialChecker includes hardware that keeps up with today's production demands. We offer:
  • A design made for around-the-clock operations
  • A unit that supports up to eight cameras
  • Industrial grade hardware
  • 20-megapixel cameras with 2000 fps
  • High-resolution lenses
  • Telecentric and special lenses
  • Custom in-house illumination options
  • Confocal chromatic sensors that measure the thickness and bottom depth precisely
two mirrored wireframe cameras

Make your quality control system the foundation of your success

Isotronic provides an end-to-end solution to ensure that the entire quality control process is taken care of in your production facility. Our intuitive UI, hands-on services, and reliable hardware help you boost the quality and output of the vials, ampoules, syringes, and the custom tubular glass geometries you produce
frontal view of vial with colored lighting

Pairing with cosmetic defect detection

VialChecker also features a detailed cosmetic check to recognize cracks, bruises, airline defects, particle contamination, and other defects in your tubular glass products

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Products analyzed with our glass quality control solution

Threaded or injection vials
Filled or empty ampoules
Pipettes and syringes
Custom geometries per customer specification