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Integrated centralized overview

Isotronic Central allows you to monitor the status of all machines in one central location while being integrated with VialChecker and VialHandler
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A centralized overview that integrates seamlessly with your quality control system

It is common for multiple production lines to run simultaneously during glass production. Companies typically use in-house or third party software to centrally monitor their machines, which can lead to inconsistencies between software and the quality control system on the factory floor.

Isotronic Central is design to integrate seamlessly with VialChecker and VialHandler, by allowing you to monitor all your machines in one place with dashboard, configure cosmetic classification settings, create geometric configurations schedule orders, and more.

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A secure cloud-based solution

Isotronic Central is accessible online and was built with security in mind. Some security features include:
  • Encrypted data transfer to and from our servers
  • Automatic profile logout to protect against data breaches
  • Customizable user profiles with JWT authentication

Isotronic Central's Features

Central is extensive and comes with many important features for production. These features include:
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See running status of all machines, including production and rejection statistics
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Generate printouts of completed orders for customers or to be used internally
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Order management
Create and manage orders for your factory floor
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Product configuration
Configure geometry checks for every order in your production facility
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Cosmetic defect classification
Use AI to train our cosmetic defect algorithm to categorize defects according to your company specifications
cosmetic classification of Isotronic central is shown
Rejection history modal from dashboard on Isotronic Central

Combine cloud and onsite for the complete quality control solution

Our quality control solution includes the software, hardware and services needed for end-to-end quality control.

VialChecker combines cosmetic and geometric checks to help you ensure that each product that leaves your production facility adheres to customer specifications.
VialHandler moves products to and from the production line in front of cameras quickly and efficiently.
Combined with Isotronic Central, you have all you need to do quality control in your production facility

Steps to get started

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Products analyzed with our glass quality control solution

Threaded or injection vials
Filled or empty ampoules
Pipettes and syringes
Custom geometries per customer specification