old isotronic brochure showing first qc system

The Isotronic story

Who we are and how we came to be leaders in quality control for tubular glass products
screenshots of isotronic's quality control software from the late 1980's

The isotronic story begins in 1988 in germany

Back then, there was no efficient way for pharmaceutical vial manufacturers to assess their product quality and maintain consistent quality control standards. Our founder created the first visual inspection solution, when no solution like it had been seen before.

He had firsthand experience of the challenges faced by the industry because at the time, our company was merged with another company that produced tubular glass products.
Isotronic came into being following an industry need for reliable, industry specific quality control system. Modern cameras and complex mathematical algorithms helped this solution take form.
This was the foundation of what we have built and continually improved for over thirty years in the pharmaceutical glass industry.

isotronic's senior team in a meeting
line of flanged vials on a table with red and blue lighting

Isotronic expands and evolves

Since our inception, we have expanded our reach from southern Germany to greater Germany, followed by France, the United States and East Asia, to 5 continents today. Our operations center is now based in Berlin.

We know that you support some of the biggest industries in the world and that it is important to maintain the quality of every item that exits your production line.
We also know that human and machine error is inevitable and therefore continually strive to develop a product that allows you to catch these errors early on and easily solve them. This ensures that every one of your products achieves the quality you aim for.

flanged vial with blue lighting being anaylized on the production line for defects

"quality control is not something you can compromise on if you've got your eye on long term success.

At Isotronic, we believe that getting it right shouldn't have to be such a struggle.
It's this conviction that drives us to support our clients with an integrated, AI-driven quality control system."

Gregor Fabritius, CEO

Meet our team

Our senior team is comprised of
portrait of gregor in a black shirt
Gregor Fabritius
"I like playing with stuff"
portrait of vale in a black suit and light button up
Valentin Mayer-Eichberger
"I think it's not optimal, yet"
portrait of viktor in a black suit and light button up
Viktor Martinewski
Mechanical Engineer
"Sure, we can build it on our own"
portrait of alex in a black t-shirt
Alex Dohm
UX / Full Stack Engineer
"We need more marketing"
isotronic team photo taken outside in berlin

Products analyzed with our glass quality control solution

Threaded or injection vials
Filled or empty ampoules
Pipettes and syringes
Custom geometries per customer specification